About Us

Always Fresh

Fresh vegies and meat catered from local suppliers

Authentic Taste

Enjoy the taste of authentic indo-chinese food

We Deliver

We deliver all over the Saskatoon area

Our story

Two IT professionals working grudgingly in their industry for more than a decade, finally listened to their taste buds and their gourmet spirits. The gob-smacking deliciousness of Indo-Chinese food convinced them to start their own venture in the domain. They even leveraged his personal experience of running hot and spicy Indo-Chinese restaurants back in India!

Now, their new venture, Drums of Heaven Restaurants Ltd. (DOH) sparks the origin of Indo-Chinese food in Canada through the DOH cloud kitchen – that is sure to set a wildfire of unmatched aroma, impeccable taste, awe-inducing deliciousness, and delectable harmony of ingredients!

Prepared by the finest fusion-styled chefs, we can serve you the yummiest versions of our trusted recipes that has swayed the gluttony of many Indians, Let vinegar and soy rule the roost on your palate, as dumplings, Hakka noodles, and stir-fried veggies spread across on your plate. Let schezwan variants of Entrées drive your senses mad as you go scurrying for superlatives to express your mouthful of happiness.

Our mission

Presenting Comfort Street Food of Chinese Whispers, straight from the India’s Heartlands! Indo-Chinese street food originated in Kolkata when the Chinese migrated to our land, two centuries ago. The fascination with the cuisine continues even today, as more people yearn for the Indian twist on Chinese recipes.

Our vision

We strive to become a nationwide renowned and respected brand that serves the best of the Indo Chinese cuisine at all our Cloud Kitchen, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Bar & Lounge, and restaurants, and be the leading brand serving National & International.